10 Best Essential Oils for Cellulite That Work Fast

10 Best Essential Oils for Cellulite That Work Fast

Essential oils have become a great part of the beauty and medical world today. This is purely due to their effectiveness to treat and cure different ailments (especially skin-related) and also keep away some unwanted problems.

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In this post, I have created for you a great collection of the best essentials oils that have shown great effectiveness in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and even clearing them out completely.

But before we get to the list, I share some important details about cellulite that I think you should know.

To start with, Cellulite is characterized by the appearance of fat cells located under the skin of the thighs, buttocks, and belly.

These prevent sufficient drainage of toxins, which tends to create inflammation. The skin then takes on an “orange peel” appearance!


What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by an increase in the size of fat cells (adipocytes) in the deepest layer of the skin (the hypodermis).

This deposit compresses the blood and lymphatic vessels and the skin then takes on this lumpy and unsightly appearance which is colloquially known as “dimples” or “orange peel”.

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Women are more affected than men by cellulite because they have three layers of fat cells in the thighs, buttocks, stomach, and triceps (arms) against one for men.

Here Are The Best  Essential Oils For Cellulite

Note: Always apply the oil on a small area of your skin to test for any allergies or reactions before use.

1. Lemongrass essential oil

It is a venous anti-inflammatory, vasodilator, improves blood circulation decongests the lymphatic system, and eliminates edema.

2. Cypress essential oil

Activates circulation and restores the elasticity of the venous wall. Decongests connective tissue, firming. Acts on water retention, poorly irrigated skin. Discover the benefits of cypress oil against cellulite.

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3. Grapefruit essence oil

Lymphatic stimulant

4. Lemon essence oil

Blood thinner, lipolytic. This essential oil has active ingredients capable of promoting the drainage of fats and water which are stored in fat cells.

They have decongestant, firming, and anti-cellulite properties.

In massage, the use of essential oils can activate venous circulation favorable to elimination.

The best way to use these essential oils is to apply them in a massaging movement on the affected areas twice a day.

For the evening, let it stay overnight and wash it off in the morning.

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5. Niaouli essential oil

Venous decongestant, purifying the blood and lymphatic circulation

6. Cinnamon bark essential oil

Thermo active activates microcirculation, helps “burn fat”

7. Rosemary essential oil

Improves metabolism, circulation, and drainage penetrates essential oils through the tissues.

8. Geranium rose essential oil

Firms the tissue, activates the circulation of blood and lymph.

9. Atlas cedarwood essential oil

Activates arterial and lymphatic, lipolytic blood circulation.

Precautions For Use:

  • Lemon and grapefruit essential oils are photosensitizing. Do not expose yourself to the sun after use.
  • Atlas cedar, cypress, and fennel essential oils should not be used by pregnant women.
  • First, do a test on your skin to make sure the product is tolerable.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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Best Essential Oils for Cellulite

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Best Vegetable Oils Against Cellulite

Certain vegetable oils are also precious allies in the fight against cellulite

1. Hazelnut vegetable oil

Firming, penetrates very easily and deeply.

2. Jojoba vegetable oil

Maintains the elasticity of the skin, fluid, penetrates easily without leaving a greasy film.

3. Calophyllum vegetable oil

Protects arterial and venous capillaries (micro-circulation), regenerating veins. Has a strong odor, no more than a third of the total in vegetable oil

Directions For Use:

  • Brush targeted and affected areas with the oils.
  • Apply generously on the thighs, belly, fat areas, massage vigorously with palpate rolling movements to penetrate the oil and reduce the orange peel.
  • So, you are the parts of the body affected by marked and encrusted cellulite.
  • Water retention is often implicated, which is responsible for the appearance of your skin, which is dotted with unevenness in the fatty deposits essentially located towards the thighs and the belly.
  • In these places, the skin tends to become flaccid following consecutive weight changes.

Pregnancy, diets, and yo-yo effects, these radical changes in silhouette leave stubborn marks of cellulite on your epidermis.

Cellulite Is Classified Into Three Grades:

  1. No clinical symptoms but a microscopic examination of the cells in the area detects underlying anatomical changes.
  2. The skin takes on a pale appearance, with a cooler temperature, a lack of elasticity in addition to the anatomical changes observed by microscopic examination.
  3. The skin has a bumpy appearance like orange peel with the signs of grade

What are the Common Causes of Cellulite?

Cellulite comes from several factors:

  1. Hormonal: hormones play an indisputable role in the development of cellulite, estrogen, insulin, thyroid hormones, etc.
  2. A diet that provides toxins (saturated fat, starch, sugar). These accumulate in the lower limbs and participate in poor tissue oxygenation. The sugars turn into fat and are stored.
  3. A genetic factor: slow metabolism, poor venous circulation. The lymphatic circuit is glued to the venous circuit. Poor venous circulation can also lead to poor lymphatic circulation.
  4. Poor lifestyle: lack of exercise or stopping sport, smoking, tight clothing

Cellulite occurs especially after adolescence in so-called industrialized countries where sedentary lifestyles and sugar consumption coexist.

Best Essential Oils for Cellulite
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Anti-Cellulite Essential Oils Recipe

This anti-cellulite massage oil recipe does not contain photosensitizing ingredients, it can be used without problems before sun exposure.

Important: These essential oils can be used at a maximum of 2 to 3% in a vegetable oil base, or an emulsion. This dosage avoids the risk of allergies.

1ml = 15 drops

1. Anti-cellulite summer synergy (Not for pregnancy)


In a 100ml bottle: Pour in the essential oils as listed below then fill the rest of the bottle with vegetable oils.


  1. Cypress essential oil: 3ml (45 drops)
  2. Atlas cedar essential oil: 2ml (30 drops)
  3. Niaouli essential oil: 2ml (30 drops)
  4. Geranium rose or bourbon essential oil: 1ml (15 drops)
  5. Lemongrass essential oil: 1ml (15 drops)
  6. Rosemary essential oil in cineole: 1ml (15 drops)
  7. Calophyllum vegetable oil: 10ml
  8. Hazelnut vegetable oil: 40ml
  9. Jojoba vegetable oil: 40ml

2. Winter anti-cellulite synergy (Not for pregnancy and sun exposure)

Also use a 100ml bottle:


  1. Cypress essential oil 3ml (45 drops)
  2. Grapefruit or lemon essence: 2ml (30 drops)
  3. Cinnamon bark essential oil: 1ml (15 drops)
  4. Lemongrass essential oil: 2ml (30 drops)
  5. Geranium rose essential oil: 2ml (30 drops)
  6. HV hazelnut vegetable oil: 45ml
  7. Jojoba vegetable oil: 45 ml

Pour in the essential oils then fill the rest of the bottle with vegetable oils.


  • Choose 3 to 5 complimentary essential oils and vegetable oil and create your own synergy by respecting a maximum of 10% of HE in your bottle (10ml for a 100ml bottle).
  • Procedure Take a clean bottle. When reusing a bottle, be sure to clean and sterilize it before pouring the oils.
  • Bring a notebook and note the essential oils you use, the proportions and the vegetable oils added.
  • This will allow you to easily redo your synergies once the bottle is finished (and the label is completely erased).
  • First, pour the essential oils, then the vegetable oils, and finally label the bottle with the date.

Important: This oil is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. (photosensitizer, be careful not to expose yourself to the sun after applying the mixture.)

How to Prevent The Appearance Of Cellulite

  • Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, this can impede blood circulation.
  • Practice a cardio-type physical activity, the body begins to draw on its fat reserves from 30 minutes.
  • Favor a diet low in fat and sugar. And favor fruits and vegetables.

This elaborate list of essential oils for cellulite is intended to give you the best options to get rid of cellulite naturally. The essentials oils work wonders when used correctly and consistently. Have a little patience and look out for changes from one month of application.

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