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The 19 Best Drugstore Eyelash Curlers And How To Use Tips

Lash curlers, also known as eyelash clippers are indeed a great innovation. Our Selection of the best drugstore eyelash curlers comes at a good price and they not only give volume but also curve lashes really well. This eye makeup step drastically changes someone’s look in just a few seconds. It is a really small necessary metal beauty accessory that does much!

However, since there is no standard model for this beauty accessory, it is important to take your time when choosing in order to get a quality lash curler.

This post may contain affiliate links, read my full disclosure.

Does a Good Eyelash Curler Make a Difference?

The 19 Best Drugstore Eyelash Curlers For All Eye Shapes

Yes, besides makeup and mascara, a good curler will give you an easy time and enable you to achieve voluminous long curly lashes like the ones you see and admire on celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Is it OK to Curl Your Eyelashes Everyday?

Worrying about using an eyelash curler every day is a common concern. People tend to think that their lashes might start falling off or something. Experts say it is totally safe to use a clean lash curler every day… as long as you do not crimp your lashes.

Nevertheless, take the time to regularly change the worn silicone bands on your accessory to avoid any risk.

Do you use an eyelash curler before or after mascara?

Do not curl your lashes after applying mascara. The mascara hardens lashes so if you use your eyelash curler after applying it, breakage is guaranteed. So always take time to thoroughly clean your eyes with a little micellar water or milk lotion before curling them.

Which is the Best Drugstore Eyelash Curler for Your Eye Shape?

The 19 Best Drugstore Eyelash Curlers For All Eye Shapes

Finding a perfect device is the first step to complete your eye makeup goal. Below is a list of the best drugstore eyelash curler options for different kinds of eyes. As much as you can use a universal product to get the same result for your particular eye shape, using one specifically designed for your eye shape will give you an amazing experience!

Eyelash Curler for Big Eyes

– Use the Shiseido Eyelash Curler

The Shiseido eyelash curler is quite flat and wide so it is perfect for women who have large eyes or those with a long lash line. It also has an amazing pressure, which ensures a perfect hold of the curvature from the first clamp.

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This drugstore lash Curler uses a unique borderless design that helps grip all lashes – even the smallest – and delivers optimal results. Curl your lashes like a pro with this device. With this easy-to-use top seller, you will have glamorous and perfect lashes.

Best Almond Eyes Eyelash Curler

– Use the Tweezerman Eyelash Curler

If you have almond eyes or sunken eyes, you can’t curl all of your lashes at once – there are always a few lashes escaping, right? Thanks to Tweezerman’s innovative ProMaster curler, specially designed for almond and deep eyes, you can now sublimate all your lashes at once using the Tweezerman eyelash curler without any problem.

What makes it different? Its slim and nifty top bar creates an extra-wide opening so you can reach all lashes to the last, with just one tweezer.

Best Drugstore Eyelash Curler for Asian Eyes

– Use the Troy Surratt Eyelash Curler

Though there are a few curlers that work really well for Asian eyes, the Troy Surratt eyelash curler is the leader among them. this tool is designed to perfectly fit in the arc of the lid without pinching or pulling on the lashes.

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“The arc of my curler is about a third less U-shaped than traditional eyelash curlers, so there is a smoother curl that adapts more comfortably to the eye,” says Troy. Think of perfectly curved lashes (that last for hours!) Every time. Surratt Beauty Relevee lash curler is the emblem of Japanese tradition and minimal elegance; the space-saving packaging is designed to be light and safe, and it is recyclable.

Best Eyelash Curler for Round Eyes

-Use the e.l.f. Eyelash Curler

This accessory perfectly conforms to the round shape of shallow sunken eyes and catches all lashes even those that other flatter curlers may miss. In other words, if you have really round eyes, give this one a try. In general, aesthetics professionals tend to look to the traditional for lash curling devices with wider and flatter shapes. But for round eyes, the e.l.f. eyelash curler is one of the few curlers to meet the demands pros expect from this accessory.

Eyelash Curler for Hooded Eyes

-Use the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

When it comes to hooded eyes, Shu Uemura eyelash curler is known to be the best. So it is not surprising that its lash curler is S-shaped. It is pretty awesome! Some hooded eyes are very deep set and small, so it can be almost impossible to grab all of the lashes with a traditional eyelash clipper.

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This one allows you to reach out to each lash section by section, so even the smallest eyes can benefit from curved lashes. It offers precise application so that you can really curl certain parts of your eyelashes without pinching the skin, thanks to its small structure without sidebars.

The 19 Best Drugstore Eyelash Curlers For All Eye Shapes


Eyelash curlers are a secret weapon that can add the finishing touch to any makeup. One swipe of this fabulous tool will instantly give you doe eyes. If you haven’t already, add one to your makeup bag and you’ll fall in love with your favorite mascara again.

1. COVERGIRL Makeup Masters Eyelash Curler

The mechanical Covergirl eyelash curler fulfills all the right conditions to make your pre-makeup eye makeup a success. Its shape offers perfect ergonomics to help you easily hold your eyelashes in place without feeling the slightest pain. This mini eyelash curler also has a protective edge against accidental pinching.

2. JAPONESQUE Go Curl Eyelash Curler

Japonesque eyelash curler gives perfectly curled lashes ready to welcome your mascara. Easy curling without breakage or pinching of eyelashes thanks to an ingenious hinged design.

3. Revlon Extra Curl Eyelash Curler

Revlon eyelash curler gives a flawless pre-makeup to guarantee an impeccable mascara application that will enhance your final make-up.

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Revlon’s mechanical eyelash curler allows you to curl your lashes gently and delicately to enhance their appearance. Its use is especially recommended for people with fairly rounded eyes. This mascara aid accessory has a hypoallergenic silicone pad.

4. Kaasage Eyelash Curler

Kaasage Eyelash curler is practical and ergonomic, this mascara accessory is ideally used to multiply the lashes for perfect disentangling and alignment. This drugstore lash curler comes with two additional spare strips to ensure hygienic and clean eye makeup preparation.

5. Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler

The Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler is a professional makeup accessory that benefits from an innovative design to adapt to all eyelash shapes. This mechanical curler has tailor-made curvatures to perfectly and evenly curl all types of eyelashes.

6. Tarte Eyelash Curler

The Tarte eyelash curler gives a light, precise and firm support to shape and beautify the lashes without the risk of accidentally pulling them. Rubber padding and easily replaceable for safer use.

7. Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler

Its sufficiently round and thick design completely respects the sensitivity of your eyelashes. The Laura Mercier eyelash curler brand comes with replacement pads for completely hygienic and healthy use.

8. MAC Eyelash Curler

The MAC eyelash curler is another professional makeup accessory that benefits from an innovative design to adapt to all eyelash shapes.

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This mechanical eyelash curler has tailor-made curvatures to perfectly and evenly curl all types of eyelashes. Its use is especially recommended for people with fairly rounded eyes.

9. Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler

This drugstore Brilliant Beauty eyelash curler takes advantage of an ingenious design to let you curl, lengthen and detangle your lashes without having to pull or pinch them. Its compatibility with all eye shapes is also a very significant advantage. In addition, you will not have to worry about the length of your eyelashes since this accessory is quite versatile.

10. Sephora Eyelash Curler

This Sephora Eyelash curler helps you shape your lashes to perfection with long, natural curves, untangled, and evenly distributed. Ergonomic and quiet handy, this eye makeup accessory has handles that perfectly match the shape of your hands.

11. Petunia Skincare Eyelash Curler

This Petunia Skincare Eyelash Curler is mechanical and it is the ideal choice for use with mascara for perfecting make-up preparation. This drugstore pre-makeup accessory will help you achieve long, shapely lashes that will enhance the look of your eyes.

12. Maybelline New York Expert Tools Eyelash Curler

This Maybelline eyelash curler has great pre-mascara benefits. It is an ingenious finely calibrated design. You just need to operate one gentle, punctual, firm, short and correct pressure to reshape your eyelashes to the desired shape.

13. JDO Eyelash Curler

With this JDO eyelash Curler, you can put an end to eyelash breakage and tangling for good. Instead, you’ll get fuller, more shapely eyelashes than ever before, and lasts longer.

14. Majestik+ Eyelash Curler

This Majestik+ Eyelash Curler comes with replacement pads and all of which are replaceable to provide exemplary durability due to their good quality. This light and compact accessory ensure perfect maneuverability.

15. Muji Eyelash Curler

The Muji eyelash curler optimizes the preparation of your eye makeup by uniforming your eyelashes to perfection. Easy and painless to use, this mascara accessory ensures long-lasting curling.

16. BASIC CONCEPTS Precision Eyelash Curler

BASIC CONCEPTS Precision Eyelash Curler is an excellent model for those who have never used this kind of device or who are looking for a basic but powerful device. This product provides gentle yet sufficient pressure to curl your lashes without damaging them.

17. Lancome Eyelash Curler

Practical and ergonomic, this mascara accessory is ideally used to multiply the lashes for perfect disentangling and alignment. The Lancome eyelash curler comes with two additional spare strips to ensure hygienic and clean eye makeup preparation.

18. Suqqu Eyelash Curler

Well curved and aligned lashes enhance your eyes, Suqqu Eyelash curler will give you a soft and even curl that will make it easier to apply your mascara. A perfect pre-makeup for the eyes to guarantee an impeccable make-up result. Ideally designed for beginners and professional make-up, this accessory is a must-have in your makeup bag.

Which Eyelash Curler is Best?

Well, there are both mechanical and electric or heated lash curlers available for individual needs. Regardless of your needs and eye shape (whether you have, small eyes, Asian eyes, short lashes, straight lashes, hooded eyes, almond eyes, or even those with seemingly hard to curl lashes.) Our comparative guide to the best lash curlers will no doubt help you.

What Material Should I Choose for My Curler?

There are many types of lash curlers and at all prices. You can find these accessories in different materials: metal, plastic, or rubber. The advice of makeup experts is to use a metal curler with rubber or silicone tweezers.

They are top-rated because they’re of better quality. Metal ones last longer and don’t cost more. Plastic and rubber ones have a reputation for breaking quite quickly and being less effective.

The other important component is the clamps. The clamp should be made of rubber or silicone in order to have a better grip. This will also prevent you from tearing or breaking the eyelash when pinching. This exhaustive list of the best eyelash curling products from different brands will allow you to make the best choice.

How to Use An Eyelash Curler Without Damaging Your Lashes

The 19 Best Drugstore Eyelash Curlers For All Eye Shapes

– For short lashes

Learning how to use an eyelash curler is a very easy process. in order to boost the length of your lashes curve them with a curler and follow up with a good mascara, one that has a curved brush, ideal for coating and stretching lashes.

Position the mascara brush at the root of the eyelashes and stretch the material to the tips. Carry out several passes until the desired intensity is obtained. Then use the tip of the brush to define and open the lashes at the outer corners.

– For Straight Lashes

Using an eyelash clipper is the first step before applying your mascara.

Once the lashes are curled, apply one or two coats of mascara. Without waiting for the mascara to dry, finish off with a thin layer of fixing top coat over the entire length of the lashes. This helps maintain the curve obtained throughout the day.

– For Scanty/Few Lashes

After curling your lashes, use a conditioning mascara, with a long brush with a short and fairly tight brush. These are the ones that bring the most volume to the eyelashes, without making any clumps.

Apply at least two coats of mascara to thicken and densify the lashes. To give the illusion of denser hairs, apply a pencil line or a very fine liner on the upper lashes.

Best Way to Curl Eyelashes – Tips & Tricks

The best way to curl eyelashes and obtain a perfect curve starts out with your spoolie brush. Get into the habit of brushing your eyelashes regularly.

It may seem strange, but this trick eliminates dust and product residues (like mascara). This simple step will make them more beautiful, and also helps to discipline them. Use a mini brush specially designed for this purpose.

The 19 Best Drugstore Eyelash Curlers For All Eye Shapes

1. How to place your eyelash curler

Though this step falls under how to use an eyelash curler, though is a simple trick that makes the whole process a breeze. Stand in front of your mirror and open the lash clipper. Gently slide your eyelashes from the upper eyelid into the opening.

Place the edges of the accessory as close as possible to the root so as not to pinch your skin. Then close the curler by exerting light pressure. You can repeat the step three to four times in a row to give your lashes the shape you want.

2. Curl your lashes after applying mascara

Once again, do not curl your eyelashes after applying mascara. This is one of the most important curling tips to keep in mind especially for beginners.

Not only will you dirty your lash curve, but it can also cause damage to your lashes. Moreover, once the mascara dries up, it makes the lashes hard and less flexible.

Curling them in this state leads to breakage: you will end up with short, truncated eyelashes.

3. Do not overtighten

If you want long and healthy lashes, make sure to apply light pressure when you curl them. Take your time to learn how to tighten the lash curler for proper curling.

Too much pressure will only give them an odd-looking 90-degree angle curve while what you need is a realistic curve. 

4. Curl at the base of your lashes

Curling at the very base of your eyelashes provides a better effect.

5. You don’t need to use heat to curl your lashes

Some recommend heating the curler by running the plate under hot water or by heating it with a hairdryer, but it is not essential. You can use this tool without the need to heat it.

6. Clean your lash curler

When using a curler, there is a chance of having some eye shadow, eyeliner, bacteria, and dead skin cells building up over time.

Once you know how to clean your lash curler, purpose to do it once a week. To do this, pour some alcohol on a cotton pad, rub your curler until it is clean.

Why Buy a Good Drugstore Eyelash Curler

1. Guaranteed results

With a good choice of lash curlers, you can aspire to results far beyond your expectations. As a bonus, we benefit from a good outfit that can last a whole day.

Just choose a device that matches the shape of your eyes well to avoid the risk of damaging the lashes. Amazon is a good place to find a variety to choose from. They will shape your lashes for a doe look, to say the least, charming.

2. Innovative design

The market offers a wide choice of these gadgets with an innovative design, guaranteeing ease of use. Equipped with an ergonomic handle, the device will be an optimal grip.

It is not likely to slip, then cut or damage the eyelashes. With such a device, one can even lengthen and separate the eyelashes with disconcerting ease. Applying mascara becomes a child’s play.

3. The Package

You can get a whole pack of eyelash curler refills. A lot of them usually contain enough spare cushions, and tweezers for applying false eyelashes.

In summary, getting a quality product is the first step to perfect eye makeup. Our review above features some of the best products on the market. Pick what fits your budget and you will be a happy customer.

How do I Choose an Eyelash Curler?

If you were wondering how to choose the best lash curler or “what are the best drugstore eyelash curlers?”, here is a checklist to make your work easier. Finding the best drugstore lash curling device among the many recommended products always takes an extra step. Always consider the following aspects before you buy:

1. Consider the protective pad

A curler with a protective pad does not tear or cut the eyelashes. Better yet, a device so equipped bends them nicely without much effort. However, the width of the protective pad must be taken into account when purchasing.

Make sure that the device is able to grasp all the lashes. Likewise, we also check that the pad holds well, for carefree use. For more hold, just heat the rubber pad with a hairdryer. It can also be soaked in hot water before proceeding with the operation.

Finally, it is more practical to opt for a device, the pad of which is not black. It will not be easy to see the eyelashes.

2. The manufacturing material

The manufacturing material is also a determining choice criterion, in terms of lash curlers. For worry-free and long-term use, it is better to favor a device made of high-quality steel or rigid plastic.

This protects you from the inconvenience caused by rust. The market also offers a wide choice of models in stainless steel + ABS. They have the advantage of never breaking in the makeup bag.

3. The press mechanism

We can also assess its reliability, with reference to its press mechanism. A system involving a spring allows, for example, to press the eyelashes well, in order to better curl them.

There is also a unique pivot system, guaranteeing constant pressure and therefore an impeccable result every time. It also avoids the risk of injury to the eyelids.

There is no risk of the eyelashes being torn off, even if they are pressed several times, starting from the base towards the tips.

A good press mechanism also facilitates sweeping curls. They also ensure the easy opening of the eyes. Best of all, the eyelashes instantly curl, very handy when pressed.

Below is a step by step video guide illustrating the best way to use these curlers

Eyelash Curler Before and After

Being able to see one using this accessory is the easiest way to learn how an eyelash clipper works and seeing the before and after results will give you the true picture of what to expect. Although there are several ways to use this curler, try to settle on what works best for you and the product that serves you best.

How To Clean And Maintain Your Eyelash Curler

Now that you know how to use an eyelash curler and the best way to curl eyelashes to instantly improve your makeup, eye infections never look very pretty. Make sure to take care of your new lash curler, i.e. clean it before and after each use. Over time, your curler will carry bacteria and pathogens that you don’t want to pass on to your eyes.

Wipe off the eyelash clipper after using it. The eyeliner and eye shadow can make it dirty and then settle on your eyelid the next time you use the curler. It is recommended that you use soap or your favorite makeup remover to clean excess product from your eye curling device, being careful not to damage the rubber insert.

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19 Best Drugstore Eyelash Curlers & How to Use An Eyelash Curler

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