Best Homemade Lip Balm Recipe

Here is the homemade lip balm recipe!

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The lips can quickly become dry and chapped. Hence the need to apply a lip balm to protect them.

The skin of the lips, thin and sensitive, is one of the areas most exposed to external aggressions.

Great care must, therefore, be taken to prevent them from drying out and being damaged.

You will see, this recipe is very simple to make and very successful in its consistency as in its nourishing effect for the lips, with a delicious smell of honey.

how to make your own lip balm

The Homemade Lip Balm Recipe

How to make a lip balm. Before starting out on this recipe, you need to obtain all the necessary ingredients.


  • Raw shea butter; 1 tsp
  • Musk rose vegetable oil; 1 tsp
  • Macadamia oil; 1 tsp
  • Yellow Beeswax; 1 tsp
  • Raw Organic Honey; 1 tsp
  • Grapefruit essential oil; 15 drops
  • Lip balm packaging 15ml

DIY Lip Balm Ingredients Details

1. Raw shea butter:

Extremely rich in unsaponified and vitamins, this butter is essential: it protects the skin from sun damage, softens and regenerates damaged skin.

It also nourishes the hair and restores its shine and beauty. This is a great ingredient for this homemade lip balm recipe.

2. Macadamia nut vegetable oil:

Restructuring, nourishing, protective, and softening, this oil is used for fragile skin and to treat chapped skin and crevices. Fluid, it penetrates without leaving a greasy film, which makes it an ideal massage base.

3. Musk rose vegetable oil:

Rich in carotenoids, this oil has powerful skin renewal properties and anti-aging actions. It is great for nourishing skin that is dry, blotchy or damaged, and those fighting wrinkles, and wishing to reduce scars and stretch marks.

4. Yellow beeswax:

Ideal for preparing natural balms, sticks, and lipsticks, making very protective creams, or for making natural candles, this exceptional quality organic beeswax will seduce you with its honeyed smell.

5. Raw/Organic Honey:

Honey hydrates and moisturizes even the dryest of skin. It has great healing properties and is so soothing to the skin especially the lips. It is also found to nourish skin that is damaged and works to restore it by fading scars and healing wounds.

6. Grapefruit essential oil:

Recognized effective against cellulite and water retention, this oil is also used to treat oily skin and to stop hair loss. Diffuse its invigorating fruity fragrance to bring optimism and good humor.

7. For the lip balm packaging:

I recommend a small pot with a capacity of 15 ml, of the pillbox type, which will be easy to fill with the preparation and easy to then use the product.

The Procedure of Making the Lip Balm at Home

  1. Place all the ingredients in a bowl to heat in a double boiler;
  2. Mix well
  3. Once all the ingredients are well melted, and the preparation is well mixed;
  4. Then cool it down before pouring it into a small glass jar.

My Thoughts on this Recipe

This homemade lip balm recipe is an easy to follow guide. It will only take you a few minutes to finish making your lip balm.

I started using this lip balm several months ago and it is on top.

Very hydrating, I also find it on my lips when I wake up, that’s to say!

It is a real “dupe” of “dream of honey” the best-seller of Nuxe, but much cheaper to make yourself.

Its smell and divine without being too present. Very subtle.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and that you will reproduce it soon.

Do not hesitate to give me your opinion on the recipe if you reproduce it, or to give me other recipes that you may have experienced.

The best thing is to keep this balm away from light and heat. It can thus be kept for up to a year!

Learning this homemade lip balm recipe will give you a lot of flexibility in making other variations of lip balms. feel free to use it as a basis to make more flavors and colors.

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