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How to Easily Wash Your Comforter/Duvet At Home

Sleeping with a comforter or duvet is really practical! Where it gets tricky is when to wash it. This practical guide on how to wash your comforter or duvet will be really helpful!

When thinking of it… between the weight, the size, the filling … Arggh! Suddenly, it is annoying and cumbersome. Unless you know all the tricks to maintain your fibers …We guide you on how to wash your duvet to give it a good clean!

How to Easily Wash a Duvet At Home

How to Properly Wash Your Comforter or Duvet At Home

Before you put it in the water, Here are some precautions you need to take:

1: First Of All, Check What The Comforters Label Says?

Yes, this is the first thing to check before washing your duvet  ! You will find the best directions there. Most duvets can be machine washed.

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Phew! But the program will not be the same depending on natural or synthetic textiles. So we start with a little reading…

2: Then, Inspect Your Duvet To Make Sure That There Are No (Small) Holes.

This would only get bigger during washing: enough to let the filling slip. In addition to damaging your duvet, it could damage your washing machine. Oops! Have you spotted a hitch?

Take out your sewing box to repair it in a few stitches by hand!

3: You Got Stains?

Finally, look for any stains on the duvet: some require a pre-wash before the drum roll of your household appliance…

Small targeted treatments to get an impeccable cover.

4: When Putting Your Comforter In The Washing Machine

The label will therefore tell you everything about the procedure to follow. Did you cut it or can’t read it anymore? In this case and in doubt, favor dry cleaning.

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That said, we can admit it to you: there are still some great principles and basic programs for washing your duvet!

A duvet with natural material.

If you have fallen for the puffiness of the down or the cozy feathers, the maintenance of your duvet rather deserves a dry cleaning, by a professional.

However, some models tolerate machine washing at 30 ° C. Top to eliminate dust mites immediately!

A duvet in synthetic material.

Polyester is often popular for this bed linen, especially when choosing a children’s duvet. What makes him attractive? Its lightness, its moderate heat …and its maintenance!

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All you have to do is select a cycle at 40 ° C. For other synthetic fibers, we recommend a “delicate” mode or at 30 ° C.

However, you will first have to check that your duvet fits in your machine! This is not always a win, especially since you have to leave room in your drum: by soaking up water, your duvet will take on volume … Oops! To give you an idea:

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  • A washing machine with a capacity of 5kg can accommodate a 140x200cm or 200x200cm thin duvet.
  • One with a capacity of 7kg can accommodate a 220x240cm duvet.
  • A washing machine with a capacity of 10kg can accommodate a 260x240cm duvet.

Helpful Tips To Consider When Washing A Duvet

Tip #1: Restoring Shape After Washing Your Duvet/Comforter

Take the opportunity to slip two clean tennis balls, they will help restore good loft to the fibers. And if you really have a lot of room, you can take the opportunity to wash a pillow? It can be possible and beneficial!

Tip #2: Detergent Dose to Wash Your Comforter

Properly dose your detergent: not too much. In this regard, special liquid detergent for delicate laundry is often more suitable: it will help to keep the loft. Good and beautiful program!

Do not skimp on the rinsing, even if it means “doubling” it.

On the other hand, go very soft for the spinning: 1000 revolutions/min maximum!

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Forget the fabric softener when the duvet is filled with feathers or down.

Tip #3: Machine Size to Wash Your Comforter

Is your machine too small?

Go to the laundromat in your neighborhood! The washing machine models have a larger and often sufficient capacity. You can even tumble dry your duvet if it supports it and you don’t have one at home.

How to Wash your Duvet/Quilt/Comforter by Hand

Contrary to all expectations, it is possible! But as you can also expect, it’s more tedious! If you have no choice but have the courage, we share a simple method with you:

  1. Half-fill your tub with water.
  2. Add the amount of special delicate laundry detergent indicated in the instructions for use. Here too, you will make your life easier with a liquid formula.
  3. Place your quilt in the tub and ensure that it is evenly soaked.
  4. Scrub any stains.
  5. Leave to soak for 1 hour.
  6. Rinse! Rinse! And Rinse!
  7. Wring out. This is where it really gets tough because the duvet is heavy. The best is to have two. (Note: Do not twist your duvet: this will weaken the fibers.)
  8. Lay it flat on a clothes rack. It will drip, plan to do it on tiles, or protect your floor!

Dry Out Your Duvet/Comforter

  • Just as important a step as washing. If you don’t take the time to do it right, hello bad laundry smells and the risk of attracting bacteria or mites that love humid environments. Just like mold! To avoid this:
  • You can count on your dryer if you have one! Again, it’s all about capacity, but if it fits:
  • Select an “average” temperature: 60 ° C maximum!
  • If you had slipped tennis balls in the wash, slip them in the dryer too! They will take care of distributing the natural filling, you will not have to worry about a thing.
  • Drying your duvet in the open air: Put it outside if you have an outside or if not, between two chairs. If it can take the sun, it will be all the better to eliminate certain bacteria and find fresh linen. Regularly, remember to shake it to evenly distribute feathers, down, or fibers.
  • Whether your duvet comes out of the machine or out of your bathtub, be patient: this step can take several days, even a short week!

How To Maintain Your Duvet/Quilt/Comforter

  • Wash your duvet once a year. In addition to clean linen, you reduce the risk of allergies and give every chance to better sleep.

Now you now know how to wash your duvet! What about your sheets and covers? Any other advice to share? We want to read your tips in the comments!

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