The 5 Best Hermes Blanket Dupes Worth Every Penny 2021

Here is another great round-up of designer dupes to save you lots of cash. It is Hermes Blanket Dupe For a lot Less than I could ever imagine! By now, you must have noticed (at least once) a Hermes blanket sitting around on a celebrities couch or bed. These H Blanket Dupes Have Become a Favorite to Many.

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It looks like a lovely dream come true. Umh! As we all know, that dream comes with a huge price tag on it. A whole $1550!

For people like me who want the designer stuff but for a fraction of the $xxxx price, we go looking for designer dupes. These elegantly gorgeous Hermes blanket dupes sure look strikingly similar, and they feel just as warm but retails at a price that most of us will afford.

Sincerely speaking, a blanket costing that much? I think the brand name is what brings about that price tag and it is not so much on the quality difference.

Is it really really worth the splurge? It could be the warmest thing to have in the cold season. I personally adore these Hermes dupe blankets for the most part. Feel free to choose based on what your budget allows.

Hermes Blanket Dupes that Look And Feel the Same!

BEST hermes blanket dupes

The Amazon $50 Hermes Throw Blanket Dupes

I thought I should start you off with these ones. They are a real steal and an amazing alternative. Thinking of how much the real one costs, you can’t get better! I love the color variations and the texture of these blankets.

They are definitely what you would need on a cold evening while snuggling yourself on the couch with a hot cup of chocolate tea. Choose what matches your room’s aesthetics or simply what pleases you.

1. The Orange H Blanket Look-Alike

Orange hermes blanket dupe

2. The Black H Blanket Look-Alike

Black Hermes Blanket Dupe

3. The Grey H Blanket Look-Alike

gray hermes blanket dupe

More H blanket dupes that are worth the hype would be this on here from Amazon. Its design details are insanely similar to the original. I have also seen a number of Etsy shops selling them at a good price.

They are a little bit bigger and it feels really soft and warm. Though at the moment it doesn’t have as many reviews on the website, it is soon ‘gonna’ be a big hit as more people discover it on Amazon. For about $50, you won’t go wrong with this choice of a blanket.

The $65 Hermes Avalon Blanket Dupe

Here is another one from my favorite brands in regards to stunning designer dupes. They also have some similar David Yurman dupes, Barefoot Dreams blanket dupes, and Cartier ring and bracelet dupes too. All these come at an insanely affordable price!

H Blanket Dupe On Amazon

But in this post, I am only focusing on the remarkable Hermes Avalon blanket dupes. Which as you have seen, come at a reasonable price and they look incredibly the same. For sure, it is very difficult to tell the difference when these items are kept side to side.

Even the count of H is the same on both blankets. And they are all made of wool blend and some gorgeous cashmere that assures you of warmth and coziness. It is going to be a hard one for people looking for how to spot a fake Hermes blanket (fake vs real).

These h blanket dupes come in three colors that are beautifully put together. That is black, orange, and grey. Compared to the original, the size of this particular blanket is a little bigger which gives it a plus. They frequently go out of stock, so you really have to keep your eye open and get it as soon as you can.

Generally, I can confidently say, you will not find a Hermes blanket dupe that is better than this. I find it to be totally worth the price and you ‘gonna’ get lots of compliments with this one!

H-Blanket at eBay
(Image credit: eBay)

Now that you can have your own beautiful piece, it is time to stop lusting after celebs Instagram pictures like the one below. Despite the fact that its original price tag is worth it, ‘it’s all smiles’ to skip a whole $1550 on this blanket, especially when you want to stay on a budget.

The similarity of these look-alike blankets in how it feels and looks is so exciting. Even the decorative feature of classic hem-stitches around its edge is right on point! Notably, it also has 80% wool and 20% cashmere, which makes it super cozy, soft, and stylish.

Though the living room has been the most common place we keep spotting this blanket designer dupe, feel free to use it anywhere within your house. You can also buy a few more pieces at this incredible price of under $70 so that you can keep a spare one in your guest room and use another one for outdoor relaxation.

Wondering Which Hermes Blanket Dupe I Fell For?

Well, all these blankets are superb, but since I have already bought other designer dupes from the same brand, I trust them. They always get a 5-start review because their products are satisfactory. So I will go ahead and pick the Avalon Hermes dupe blanket over others.


The Best Hermes Blanket Dupes Worth Your Cash

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