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12 Amazing Kinder Joy Eggs DIY Craft Ideas

Remember when you were a kid and you were building the little surprise that was in the Kinder after eating the chocolate.

Today, it is not the surprise that interests us, but rather its container. You can do a lot of things with this piece of yellow plastic.

One more reason to please your child (ren). For example, you can store your toothbrush when traveling so that it does not get dirty.

Find in this article many uses of this oval snack cover. If you have any other ideas, you can share them with us for a future article!

Here are the 12 Best DIY Kinder Joy Egg Crafts to Try

1. A caterpillar toy

The size of your caterpillar will reflect your sweet tooth!

2. Use it to Store your headphones

Your headphones will no longer tangle and you will always know where they are.

3. An advent calendar

Expect Christmas originally with this homemade calendar.

4. Maracas

If you are not afraid of noise, easily make these maracas and have fun.

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5. Protect your pacifier and lollipop

Drill a hole the size of your lollipop stick so that it is well protected.

6. For your shoots

Prepare your shoots in these eggs and then let them grow in the ground.

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7. A little rabbit craft

Perfect for Easter, you can even hide little chocolates inside.

8. A game for your children

Like an abacus, fill your eggs with sand and let your kids have fun.

9. Fireflies

Choose the right size fake candle for your egg to achieve a beautiful result.

10. Mr. and Mrs. Kinder

As in the famous animated film, make holes in your yellow egg and change the appearance of your figure at will.

11. To protect your toothbrush

As with the lollipop at the start of the article, poke a hole the size of your toothbrush shaft, then seal the egg.

12. A pencil sharpener tank

Stop putting pencil peels all over the place when making a reservoir.

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