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DIY: Make An Overhead Projector With A Shoebox

Did you know that you can make an overhead projector yourself? It’s possible: let’s see how to create it right away. Indeed, it is not the first thing that one would think of making by oneself and easily at home.

With a few tips and a shoebox, you will brighten up your evenings with just your smartphone… Enough to impress your friends!

You will have to adjust your various elements well, and it is possible not to get there the first time. A real overhead projector costing on average 350 euros, nothing prevents you from giving it a try!

Things you need to make the overhead projector:

  1. A shoebox
  2. One magnifying glass
  3. A pencil
  4. A cutter
  5. Glue gun
  6. A piece of cardboard

Steps to Follow:

1. Take the lens out of the magnifying glass and draw its outlines on the small side of the shoebox as in the video.

DIY overhead projector

2. Cut out a circle a little smaller than the one you just made.

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3. Also cut out the edge of the box lid, following the larger circle, as shown in the picture below.

overhead projector

4. With the glue gun, glue the lens.

projector craft

5. Cut and fold the piece of cardboard to create a holder for your smartphone. Adjust the distance between your phone and the lens so that the image is sharp.

And There you go! Now you can enjoy your homemade overhead projector!

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