5 Best Hair Masks For Frizzy Hair Homemade – DIY That Works!

5 DIY Hair Masks For Taming Frizzy Hair

Do you have trouble taming frizzy hair? Wondering Which is the best homemade hair mask for dry frizzy hair?

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I share some of the best hair masks for frizzy hair. With these recipes, you will attain smooth and silky soft hair in no time! Curly and frizzy hair needs really good care in order to stay healthy, strong, and shiny… And nutrition is the key to great hair!

With the cold, wind, humidity, dry air from the heaters, frizzy hair gets dry, fragile, and brittle. Thus it must be given a high level of care!

Adopt a weekly mask based on natural ingredients that is more hydrating and nourishing than a conditioner. They are great dry, frizzy hair treatment home remedies.

Nourishing hair masks a few times a month will take care of your hair frizzy. We have identified the best recipes to make easily at home.

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Best Hair Mask For Frizzy Hair Homemade

hair mask for frizzy hair

Frizzy hair can be really frustrating, but thanks to these homemade hair masks recipes. They work excellently to smoothen and discipline all fly-away hair strands.

How Can I Make My Hair Frizz Free Naturally?

The answer is right here! After using these masks, you will notice how smooth and well-nourished your hair will become. Like a dream!

1. Shea Butter Hair Mask 

5 DIY Hair Masks For Taming Frizzy Hair – Smooth And Discipline The Hair

This is a shea butter hair mask recipe. When looking at how to get rid of frizzy hair, you can’t miss shea butter! It is an essential ingredient in the care of fragile and brittle hair.


-This recipe is basically Pure Shea Butter.

-It can be used pure or combined with a few drops of essential oil (rosemary essential oil to give radiance, peppermint oil to stimulate the scalp, ylang-ylang to strengthen…).

-Apply to the whole of the hair, massaging well so that the mask penetrates deeply into the hair fiber and is left to stand for an hour under a hot towel.

-Rinse and then shampoo gently.

If you have been struggling with frizzy hair for a while now, go read this post on, Effective Tips To Quickly Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair and learn how to get rid of frizzy hair permanently. Say goodbye to this long struggle.

2.  Avocado And Banana Mask For Smooth Hair

DIY Hair Masks For Taming Frizzy Hair – Smooth And Discipline The Hair

A 100% natural mask that will nourish dry and fragile hair! This is another good hair mask for frizzy hair – homemade. But in case you also suffer from brittle hair, check out these natural remedies to treat and repair brittle hair at home.

Known for their nourishing properties, avocado and banana are perfect for deep repairing hair fiber, which makes it an instant remedy for frizzy hair.


-Mix the 2 fruits together until obtaining a very smooth flesh.

-Apply to the hair and leave for one to two hours under a hot towel. Rinse and then shampoo gently.

Tip: Add a little lemon juice to add shine to the hair!

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And if you are not up to the task to make this mask every twice a week. No worry! I found a good ready-to-use hair mask which is a great option here.

The Difeel Anti-Frizz Hair Mask

3. An Anti Frizz Hair Mask With Egg And Honey

DIY Hair Masks For Taming Frizzy Hair – Smooth And Discipline The Hair

Egg is an ingredient that is often used in homemade masks for dry hair… and for good reason: egg yolk has nourishing properties that repair weakened hair. Here are some other great hair mask recipes to repair dry and damaged hair overnight.


-Add a tablespoon of honey to one egg. (Honey has great softening properties.)

-Mix everything (Egg and Honey) until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.

-Apply to the hair, emphasizing the lengths.

-Leave on for an hour under a hot towel, rinse, and then shampoo gently.

100% Pure, Raw and Unfiltered Honey is the main ingredient here.

4. Coconut Milk and Olive Oil For Smooth

DIY Hair Masks For Taming Frizzy Hair – Smooth And Discipline The Hair - Coconut-Milk-Olive-Oil-hair mask

Coconut milk – do not confuse it with coconut water or coconut oil. It nourishes and repairs hair. Which makes it a very effective ingredient for a homemade hydrating mask and a great option for home remedies for frizzy hair and split ends.


-Whip 200ml of coconut milk with a little olive oil and apply to damp hair.

-Leave on for 30 to 45 minutes and rinse.

5. Anti Frizz Oil Hair Mask

This is also called an oil bath! It is a simple and natural method that will restore the hair’s lipid film, sheath and soften it almost instantly.

These oils are chosen according to the needs of the hair: In this case, they are mixed up specifically to repair frizzy hair.


For this hair mask, you will need:


-Mix equal drops of these oils together and massage into the lengths of the hair with it.

-Leave it on overnight if possible.

-In the morning, rinse and wash to unveil your nourished and shiny hair.

Revive Frizzy Hair Now! Which Hair Mask Is Best For Frizzy Hair?

Well, if you are not up to the challenge of making your own hair masks. Here are my top 4 hair masks that work to revive Frizzy hair fast.

These anti-frizz hair masks deep condition, intensely hydrate the hair and strengthens the hair strands leaving it absolutely frizzy-free.

1. Aveeno Deep Hydrating Anti-Frizz Hair Mist

2. Fanola Anti-frizz Hair Mask

3. Advanced Clinicals Anti-Frizz Hair Repairing Mask

That is all for the best hair masks for frizzy hair homemade options and a few ready-to-use hair masks options. Now you know how to get rid of frizzy hair without much hustle. Be sure to use these masks at least twice a week for deep hair nourishment and repair.


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