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Foundations are products of proven utility to enhance the face of women and now we have organic foundation brands.

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Nevertheless, the idea of ​​using them seems less bright when you consider that some of them might still contain chemicals. Applied to the skin, their components infiltrate the skin and create significant health damage.

It is therefore essential to become aware of the issue linked to the use of natural foundations and to commit to this.

Our list of the best natural or organic foundations will help you make a consistent choice without failing.

Why Adopt Organic/Natural Foundations?

Natural foundations are increasingly recommended by doctors and advocates of a healthier world.

And for good reason, their use suggests many advantages for the user and even for nature.

Are you wondering why you should drop foundations stuffed with chemicals? Answers:

Prevent diseases. In the short, medium, or long term, the human body always reacts negatively to the application of chemicals. This can result in several disadvantages such as:

  • Irritations;
  • Skin rashes;
  • The allergies ;
  • Itching;
  • Skin dryness;
  • Hormonal disturbances;
  • Alzheimer’s disease ;
  • Congenital disabilities;
  • Disorders of the nervous system, etc.

This list of discomforts caused by the use of chemical foundations cannot be exhaustive. The main elements involved are parabens, alcohol, benzoates, petroleum, aluminum, lead, and many others. We notice their notable absence in the composition of those which are natural. Rather, they are made up of ingredients that are beneficial and nourishing for the skin. They do not create any illness or disease for the user. On the contrary, these foundations will help you prevent them.

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Benefits Of Using Organic Foundation

1. Qualitatively nourish the skin

Just as the body assimilates chemical-based care, it also reacts to natural products. Her reaction is quite positive and she looks fresher, more hydrated, and younger.

In the long run, natural care is much more promising and its effects are long-lasting and constructive over time. Far from exhausting them, natural foundations maintain the youth, tenderness, and vigor of facial cells.

2. Protect the environment

Using natural foundations is a gesture of love not only for yourself but also for the environment. Indeed, the carbon impact of this type of care is very low and should suit ecological or green trends.

It should be remembered that the elements involved in chemicals are collected from mining. It is therefore through environmentally destructive processes that aluminum, lead, petroleum, etc. are extracted.

Banning chemical foundations from your habits symbolizes a gesture of love for the environment.

What Are Some Of The Disadvantages of Using Organic Foundations?

When you adopt the use of a natural foundation under your makeup, you quickly realize the many difficulties that can be faced. Rest assured, this is nothing serious: details:

make makeup last all day

1. The scarcity of natural foundations

While there are thousands of foundations on the market, they are definitely not natural products. These are extremely rare. It is therefore not easy to come across a natural product.

And when the time comes to evaluate other selection criteria such as formula, coverage, shade, texture, and more, the possibilities are clearly reduced.

2. The high cost of natural foundations

In the field of cosmetics, scarcity often rhymes with high costs. So instead of getting cheaper chemicals, natural ones turn out to be much more expensive.

However, there is nothing to complain about because the price-performance ratio of these products is very advantageous for the consumer.

The reason the price is high is that the health and environment-friendly processes are very delicate. They take time and patience from the production of the ingredients to the manufacturing.

Final thoughts

You had the chance to learn more about the good reasons to buy organic foundations for your makeup needs.

Indeed, it is in the interest of your health, your aesthetics, and also the environment. Unfortunately, its natural products are quite difficult to find on the market and prove to be more expensive than chemical care.

However, we must not forget that, good things come at a price. To make sure you’re buying the right product at the best price, don’t forget to take a look at our comparison.

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