12 Best Electric Foot Scrubbers | Review

With an electric foot scrubber, simplify the pedicure, and find smooth and soft feet

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Calluses, cores, and rough areas are all anomalies that can affect your feet and make them less aesthetic.

The electric rasps or electric foot exfoliators are becoming more popular. The manual rasps, pumice stones, and other limes are no longer considered as the only solution to eliminate these imperfections.

The electric pedicure scrubber has a roller that rotates without you having to do much effort.

Light pressure is enough to more easily eliminate calluses and dead skin. Using this device makes pedicure treatments more pleasant, and this saves you time for sessions in a beauty salon.

With this foot scrubber, you can regularly take care of your feet and prevent imperfections from affecting their health or their aesthetics.

Why Use an Electric Foot Exfoliator

I will repeat myself a little here, but the foot scrapers are very effective tools to fight against hard, dead, dry skin or calluses. We also see the skin “revive” from the first use.

The frequency of use is only a few minutes per week.

By being regular, you may well get rid of cracks and excess skin on the feet. And let’s face it, it’s always cheaper than a dermatologist, huh!

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How to Use an Electric Foot Scrubber?

To avoid having dry and callused skin, it is essential to regularly use your pedicure scraper. However, my results will depend greatly on how you use it.

It seems that having beautiful feet is not given to everyone. Don’t worry! We weren’t going to let you down like that. Here are our tips for use:

  • First of all, you must wash your feet and dry them well.
  • Then take your tool depending on the type of area to be treated.

If you want to take care of dead skin or you just want to smooth your skin, a normal grain and the first speed of your device will be enough.

If, on the contrary, you want to treat hard and thick skin, you must have a thicker grain or more power.

  • Pass the pedicure scraper over the area.

If your tool is manual, repeat the movement from top to bottom.

If your tool is electric, carefully descend onto the area.

It is important not to put too much emphasis on the area so as not to degrade the skin.

  • Each area must be treated in less than 10 seconds
  • When you have finished all of your feet, rinse them with cool water to get rid of both skin residue
  • Since the skin is now removed, you can also make a small foot bath to give them a better texture and relax them
  • Wipe your feet again, then apply a special dry feet cream to moisturize it
  • Then rinse your roller by passing it underwater. Leave to air dry;

For best results, remember to moisturize your feet regularly.

Our Selection Of The 6 Best Electric Foot Scrubber to Buy

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How To Choose The Best Foot Exfoliator

Choosing the right electric pedicure scrubber requires knowing the important specs to be taken into consideration when purchasing.

Certain criteria are more important than others and deserve special attention when choosing:

The electric foot scrapper power

The performance of the electric scrubber is closely linked to its power.

For the device to be able to effectively sand calluses, even the thickest, it must be powerful enough, and above all offers the possibility of adjusting the intensity.

This will notably allow the pedicure exfoliator to treat the feet whether they are dry or wet, knowing that when they are wet, the power required to dislodge the imperfections is greater.

The design and ergonomics

Here, we will favor a light scraper which holds well in hand and has for this purpose an ergonomic handle. Likewise, a practical mechanism must be provided for easy positioning of the rollers and other end pieces.

If the pedicure sander has a speed setting – which is highly recommended – it should be intuitive, and therefore allow the intensity to be varied easily.

For even more comfortable use, LED lighting would be of great help to clearly see the treated areas.

Optional features

If the main application of pedicure rasps remains the sanding of the feet, some devices are multifunctional.

They allow, for example, to also do manicures or to sand other parts of the body such as the elbows.

You must, therefore, take into account your needs to judge the relevance of the additional uses that these types of exfoliators allow.

The supplied accessories

The rollers, whatever their quality, wear out over time, depending on their frequency of use and the intensity with which you sand.

And for that, you have to think about replacing them.

It will be interesting for this purpose that the rasp is supplied with spare rollers, or failing that these are not difficult to find online or commercially.

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It is good to know that the rolls included in the purchase can be of identical grains, or of different grains.

This allows them to be used for various uses. Apart from the rollers, a manual tool can accompany the electric device.

By fixing it on the latter, you can pretreat very callous areas, which will facilitate the work of the device.

In addition, to remove dust from sanding, a cleaning brush sometimes accompanies these electric devices.

Check for replacement rollers

While rolls from well-known brands such as Scholl are easy to find online and commercially, this is not the case for all brands.

Before placing an order, take the time to make sure that it will be easy to find spare parts when the supplied roller (s) are used up. Besides availability, also check the price.

Its Consumption

The pedicure exfoliator available on the market can be powered by batteries or run on battery.

The second option is preferred. Even if the batteries keep the tool always ready for use, you don’t have to wait for the battery to charge.


If you choose a scrubber with a rechargeable battery, pay attention to the autonomy, especially if you plan to have it with you during your trips, or use it in a place where the availability of a power source is not insured.

In addition, charging the battery should not take time.

The sealing or cover

Some pedicure devices have a protection index which allows them to be used in the shower.

Their maintenance is very simple since it suffices to put their head underwater to remove the dust produced by sanding the feet.

Advantages of An Electric Foot Scrubber Over a Manual One

Best electric foot scraper

The manual tool had its heyday, but today the electric scrubber is widely acclaimed for several reasons.

If the manual device adequately performs the dry and damaged anti-skin functions, in particular, it does not always manage to satisfy with regard to the finish.

Operating mode

The electric exfoliator usually comes with batteries or a battery that gives it several hours of autonomy, which is more than enough to take care of your feet.

Although the manual gadget does not need batteries or to be charged, it has the disadvantage of being unusable quickly.

As soon as its blade is slackened, it is not possible to change them and the rasp becomes this fact unnecessary. You will, therefore, have to buy a new one.

The practical side

Practicality is the other great asset of the electric pedicure scrubber. As the polishing movement is mechanized, this saves a lot of time and provides less physical effort.

In addition, it brings more finesse and application in its operation. An electric device saves money because you no longer need to go to a pedicure salon to maintain your feet.

FAQ – Best Electric Foot Exfoliator

Why use an electric foot scrubber?

Several reasons can motivate the use of an electric scraper.

It is already good to know that under the effect of dehydration, the feet become dry and damaged.

This generally results in the whitish color, the layers of dead skin, and horns that form at the heels, on the skin feet, or above the toes.

The electric pedicure scraper efficiently and quickly overcomes these imperfections, without requiring as much effort on your part as with a file or pumice stone.

The comfort of use is, therefore, the first advantage of this device. Its operation is also silent. The electric heel scraper finally takes care of your feet with delicacy and finesse.

How to properly use the electric foot scrubber?

The electric scraper is simple to use and can be easily manipulated. Just turn it on, after making sure the roller is properly installed.

Then you make small, constant movements while exerting a little pressure in places where there are calluses. Care must be taken not to last more than 5 seconds in the same area.

In this regard, there is nothing to worry about, because you cannot hurt yourself: if you press too hard on the scraper, it will stop by itself.

After using the tool, remember to clean it dry or with water for waterproof models.

As for your feet, they should be rubbed with water after sanding. Once dried, you can apply an essential oil or a moisturizer of your choice.

How often to use this foot device?

In general, an electric foot scraper can be used as many times as you want, until the treated areas appear tender to the touch and free of excess dead skin.

Treatment also depends on the load on the feet and should be followed by wearing suitable shoes. Very often, it is advisable to use it two or three times a week until satisfaction.

What grain should I use to grate my feet?

Indispensable for the electric pedicure device, the roller can be of different grains, which are intended for various uses.

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Thus, the coarse-grained rollers make it possible to overcome strong calluses while those with fine grains are sufficient for light calluses and more generally help for the finish.

As far as the grain making material is concerned, sapphire is preferred. In addition, some exfoliators with electric feet offer the possibility of attaching a manual gadget for pretreatment of very callous areas.

This facilitates their action thereafter.


The electric foot scrubber came to replace the traditional manual tool, the file, the pumice stone, and all the other polishers which one used to remove calluses, the callus, and the horn at the foot.

As effective as its predecessor, this modern accessory saves us more time and limits the efforts required to get rid of these unattractive, but also very annoying, dead skin that appears on our feet.

They are mainly due to friction with shoes (especially shoes with high heels) and can affect everyone.

The electric foot gadget is therefore not only for women who want to take care of their appearance in detail but also to all those who do not wish who are looking for an accessible and simple solution to do away with calluses.


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