21 Best Electric Manicure Sets Review & How To Use Guide

Do you love pampering your nails? If yes, a good electric manicure set should be your close ally.

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These electric sets make it easy to protect, fortify, and maintain your manicure.

They can be used by professionals in beauty salons or pedicure manicures and at home.

Now you could be asking, how to choose the most reliable kit? What is the best manicure kit?

Our review and buying guide will allow you to choose the kit that best suits you. Read through this article to better choose the best set on the market.

What Is An Electric Manicure Set?

Electric Manicure Set

It is a tool made for nails. It is used to shorten the nails, polish them, prepare them for the installation of false nails or even remove the remaining residues of old manicures, such as glue or UV gel.

The electric nail kit actually complements the traditional manual nail file.

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It makes it possible to perform an action more quickly and sometimes more precisely, but it does not entirely replace it.

However, like any tool, the electric nail set requires training before being fully mastered. If you do not follow a few simple rules, it is quite possible to damage the nail irreversibly.

It is for this reason that it is a device that is mainly used by nail professionals, who benefit from training but also experienced in the treatment of nails.

Knowing how to use an electric nail sander allows you to benefit from the same advantages as with a manual kit or file, faster and without damaging the nail. You will be able to use it at home.

On the other hand, in addition, it is necessary to train and gain experience before using it on a client, for example.

It is better to first take the time to use it on your own nails (or even on false nails, on a plastic hand) in order to acquire a certain dexterity.

What Are the Different Tools Found In Manicure Sets

When you buy a manicure kit, you realize that it is equipped with many different tips.

They all have a specific function, they obviously serve to make the manicure or pedicure perfect!

But how can you be sure that you are using the right accessories, and above all, that you have the right accessories?

How to Use An Electric Manicure Kit

Electric Manicure kit

There are many different tips for the nail set. These tips also found under the name “strawberries”, each has their usefulness and have generally been designed for a particular function.

Most of the time, during a manicure, the esthetician or professional nail technician constantly changes the tips depending on what she is doing.

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She knows how to use these tips in a versatile way. But when you start, train, and discover the different accessories available, it may be good to know them all to find the ones that will be most useful.

The functions of the different tips found in an electronic manicure set

1. The cone

The conical bur, generally quite large, has a rather wide use depending on the grain with which it is equipped.
The coarse grain allows, for example, rapid elimination of dry skin, dead skin, thick horn, and large calluses on the arch and heel.

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The medium grain, on the contrary, will rather find its usefulness at the level of the nail. The conical shape helps to push back cuticles but can also be used to polish the surface of toenails.

2. The precision cone

Thanks to its finesse, the precision conical tip is particularly useful for removing calluses and dead skin surrounding the nail, whether by hand or foot.

The flame-shaped cone

A tip also found under the name of point milling machine, it is also a precision tool. It is used in particular to clear ingrown toenails and to mill dead parts of a nail.

3. The felt cone

The softer felt cone is used for polishing. It can clean the surface of the nail, to remove small asperities, and to soften the edges after filing.

In the case of regular use, it also makes the nails less brittle.

4. The cylinder

The cylindrical bur has roughly the same functions as the conical bur, i.e. sanding and smoothing nails.

From the middle grain, however, it is more effective in polishing the excessively thick surface of the nails of the hands and feet.

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Note that this cylinder should not be confused with a sleeve, that is to say, the accessory on which the abrasive bands are placed.

5. The disc

The disc is often used to file the nails (hand and foot) and give them a perfect shape, both in terms of length and symmetry.

Regarding the grain, if the fine grain is always preferable, the medium-grain allows overcoming the thickest nails.

6. The sleeve

This tip is only used to place abrasive belts, and the assembly is often called an emery tip. It is mainly used to rough and refine the modeling on false nails in UV gel or acrylic resin.

It must be used in a meticulous manner and as little as possible since it tends to easily damage the nail.

Things to Consider Before Buying An Electric Nail Drill Set

Instead of spending a fortune in a beauty salon, consider purchasing your own electric manicure kit.

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These kits include all the tools you need to get nails that look good and healthy.

Consider the following factors when choosing your electric manicure set:

  • The composition of the manicure kit
  • Rotation speed
  • Weight and noise
  • Available Tips or tools
  • User comfort

The 21 Best Electric Manicure Sets To Buy Online

1. Beurer 10-piece Professional Nail Drill Kit for Manicure & Pedicure

2. Electric Manicure & Pedicure Set – Portable for home use

3. Fancii Professional Electric Manicure & Pedicure Nail File Set with Stand

4. Efile Portable Electric Nail Drill Compact Handpiece Professional Manicure Set

5. UTILYZE Professional Electric Manicure Set, Powerful Nail Drill Kit Tools to File, Buffer

6. AIRSEE Portable Electric Nail Drill Professional Efile Manicure Set/Kit

7. Bestidy Best Gift Electric Nail Drill Kit, USB Manicure Set

8. MelodySusie Electric Nail Drill 11 in 1 Manicure Pedicure Set

9. AIRSEE Portable Electric Nail Drill Professional Efile Nail Drill Kit

10. BEAUTURAL Professional Manicure and Pedicure Kit

11. Professional Electric Nail Drill Manicure Set

12. DiiDa Professional Electric Manicure Drill Set

13. Portable Electric Pedicure & Manicure Set

14. SEEKONE Salon Quality Electric Manicure and Pedicure Set – Professional Powerful Nail Drill Kit

15. JEWHITENY Light Electric Professional Nail Drill Machine

16. Portable Electric Efile Nail Drill Machine Set

17. Professional Portable Manicure Pedicure E-file Kit

Other Nail Care Tools And Kits Worth Mentioning:

18. ZIZZON Professional Manicure Grooming Set – Nail Care kit

19. Professional Grooming Kit – Manicure Set, Pedicure Kit, Nail Clippers

20. Keiby Citom Professional 12pcs – Travel & Grooming Kit – Stainless Steel Nail Clipper

21. Portable Travel Grooming Kit – Facial, Cuticle, and Nail Care

How to Choose The Best Electric Manicure Kit

best manicure kits reviews

This kit is a very practical tool in the hands of a nail professional. It allows one to be faster, more careful, and more efficient than with a manual manicure kit or file!

But like all tools you need to know how to use it. Here are the basic rules to follow to know how to use a nail sander:

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1. Consider Speed

The devices are often equipped with an adjustable and progressive speed, which causes the cutter to turn very quickly, sometimes up to 35,000 revolutions/minute.

However, you should never use the maximum entry speed, but rather increase it as you go along, depending on the results on the nail.

2. Look at the Pressure

As with a traditional file, there is no need to press hard for it to work! The nail sander should simply be placed on the nail and should always stay in motion.

Keeping it still would be like sanding the same area a little too deep or deep and thus creating a hollow in the nail, or even damaging it.

3. Movement

In addition to the fact that a nail sander must always be in motion, it is also used in two different ways, depending on the preferences of its user.

You can work slowly from the back to the front of the nail, or choose to work from side to side, from left to right or vice versa.

4. Position

Finally, to properly use an electric nail sander, you must be able to show flexibility in the hand and wrist, while knowing how to keep a balance so that the tool remains stable while long work.

The sander must always remain straight, horizontally concerning the treated part of the nail.

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Final thoughts

An electric manicure set has tools essentially designed for the care and beauty of hands and feet. For professional use and for home use for any woman. It makes manicures easier!

If there are many devices on the market, at various prices elsewhere, not all have the same goal.

Between those intended for professional use and those made for home use, pick one that fits your needs from our selection. additionally, consider our opinions to find the best electric manicure kits!

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