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Having a spa day in your apartment is indeed a luxury to go for.

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This guide will make sure that you can acquire the best inflatable spa adapted to your budget and which is of very good quality.

All the tips and things to take into account are in this guide!

What Is An Inflatable SPA?

best inflatable spa

In a way, it is a hot water swimming pool which works by means of an electrical connection. As its name suggests, it is an inflatable pool generally designed in PVC and which can be installed indoors or in the garden.

It, therefore, has the particularity of being able to be inflated and deflated quickly with each use.

Unlike a traditional swimming pool, the latter makes us enjoy a relaxing and energizing bath. This is thanks to the effects of air bubbles and pressurized water evacuated by several nozzles that make up its interior wall.

Why buy an inflatable Hot Tub Or SPA?

1. To enjoy moments of relaxation at home

Having an inflatable jacuzzi with jets at home will allow you to enjoy a good moment of massage and relaxation at the time you want. This is one of the main advantages of this type of equipment.

You will no longer have to travel to a wellness center to benefit from hydrotherapy treatments because everything can be done at home! Especially since the treatment of this kind could cost you a lot of money.

With the purchase of a high-end inflatable SPA, you can schedule your hot water bath at any time of the day and as many times as you want.

2. Its practicality and almost non-existent bulk

The other major advantage of an inflatable pool is its practicality. The latter actually benefits from a balloon structure, which means that we can immediately inflate it when we want to dive in and deflate it at the end of the session to make room for our terrace.

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This great flexibility is very advantageous both in individual houses and in apartments, all the more the inflation and deflation system is done automatically and does not take more than 10 minutes each.

Thus, even a large inflatable SPA with 8 seats will easily find storage in your closet.

Our Top Picks!

Best value for money:

Coleman 71″ x 26″ Portable SPA Inflatable

Install this inflatable SPA for 4 seats indoors and outdoors as you wish. Its large capacity of 700 liters will allow you to enjoy a hot water bath with your family, whether at the end of the day or during the weekend.

It heats up very quickly thanks to a power of 1500-W allowing it a heating time of 1.5 to 2 ° C / h.

The best average price model:

Intex PureSpa with Cupholder & Headrest

Thanks to its round shape and elegant design with laminated imitation PVC leather covering, this jacuzzi will attract the attention of your guests.

It will take place easily in your garden or your living room and will allow you to take advantage of 3 operating modes, namely massage, for optimal comfort of use.

The best high-end model:

Bestway Hawaii Air Jet Hot Tub

If you are looking for an inflatable SPA hot tub with jets that can provide you with the most relaxing air bubble massage, this model is for you.

It offers 6 seats, with an adjustable water temperature which can go up to 40 ° C. Its design and its 120 air nozzles will satisfy the most demanding, especially since it takes shape in just 10 minutes.

The 15 Best Inflatable SPAs & Hot Tubs To Buy Online

How to Choose the Best Inflatable SPA?

1. Consider its capacity

A single person and a family of 6 people will not actually choose the same model of pool given the big difference between the number of people.

Note, however, that the more of you want to enjoy a hot bath together, the more you will need a large basin to install in a spacious place.

A 2-seater inflatable jacuzzi will, therefore, be perfect for a single person or a couple without children.

In addition, if there are 2 of you wanting more space, an extended seat, or two additional seats for 2 children, do not hesitate to take a 4-seat model.

And for large families made up of more than 5 people or couples used to receiving guests at their home, we advise them to choose an inflatable SPA with 10 seats.

2. Consider it’s design

As for form and aesthetics, there is something for everyone. Whatever the design of the basin you are looking for, you are sure to find on the trade the one that best suits your preferences.

However, before you focus on the aesthetic side of your future pool, do not forget to determine the location you have planned for its installation.

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This is also why the rectangular and square inflatable jacuzzis are the most appreciated by users because of their smaller footprint since they can easily be put in a corner of the room.

On the other hand, rounded models are the most widespread and it is much easier to find additional accessories for them.

3. Consider it’s Heating System

Since it is a hot water pool, you should certainly realize that it is equipped with a heating system that keeps the water at the ideal temperature during your bath.

Note then that there are models with electric heating and those with heat exchangers. In case you favor practicality, MN recommends that you take the first option.

Here, the water will be kept warm throughout your bathing session thanks to a direct connection to the mains, which tends to consume quite a lot of energy.

On the other hand, if you already have a heat pump at home or a gas or wood boiler, there is nothing more economical than the heat exchanger model.

4. Consider its strength and quality

We would all like our equipment to last as long as possible so as not to have to invest several times in the purchase of a new model.

However, you should know that inflatable SPAs have a shorter lifespan than conventional SPAs.

This is why it is essential to choose well according to the quality of it. The first thing to do is of course to favor a product from a known brand which is a guarantee of quality in terms of materials and resistance.

Then, what could be more reassuring than having the opinion of a user who has already opted for the same model that you are about to buy?

You will have more information on the strengths and weaknesses of it. Finally, bet on a model offered with as many guarantees as possible.

5. Consider the Accessories it Comes With

It is certain that all the accessories necessary for a bathing session will not be provided with your spa. However, you can favor the model that offers as many accessories as possible to minimize additional expenses.

Among these accessories, there are the staircase, the step, the tablet, the headrests, the cup holders, or even the protective cover which makes it possible to cover the basin in order to avoid deposits of leaves and insects when you don’t use it.

Different Types of Inflatable SPA

1. Round or oval model

The rounded shape is all that is most classic and most sold in inflatable spas.

These can be completely round or oval and have the advantage of having a wide variety of accessories to match.

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Their pretty round shape also adapts to any location, whether on the terrace, in the garden, or indoors and they are available in many colors.

2. The inflatable bubble SPA

It is a standard spa model equipped with a multitude of air nozzles that send thousands of microbubbles. Once activated, the “bubble” mode gives the appearance of a whirlpool and provides a real feeling of well-being.

3. The inflatable hydro-jet SPA

It is a luxury inflatable jacuzzi because the air nozzles are replaced here by hydromassage nozzles which allow propelling a mixture of water and air.

The nozzles are therefore adjustable according to the parts of the body that one wishes to massage.

The structure thus offers an invigorating massage in the back, neck, thigh, belly, or on the whole body.

How to use an inflatable SPA?

Before inflating your structure, Meilleure-Note recommends that you first take the floor mat and spread it out on the floor.

Then place the structure on it, letting it take the sun for an hour.

This will allow the liner to relax well. In addition, the best would be to inflate your jacuzzi in the afternoon so that the hot air fills the strands more so that the walls of it are stretched perfectly.

Begin inflation using the hose supplied with the device and connect the spa valve to the control unit, then press the “Bubbles” function.

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You can refer to the pressure gauge to follow the inflation process because it will indicate the perfect pressure for your spa. This step will not take more than 2 minutes.

Once inflated to the correct pressure, you can fill the pool with water using a water supply hose and activate the heating system.

For deflation, you will first have to empty the basin using the hose provided for this purpose.

Then unscrew the inflation valve and apply pressure to the structure while pressing the button located in the valve to release the air.

How to maintain your inflatable SPA

Drain and clean your spa every 3 or 4 months to ensure proper operation, but also good hygiene.

To do this, start by draining off all the water it contains and leave it well inflated. Use a sponge and mild soap for cleaning and especially wipe the inner walls.

Avoid harsh products and other scouring brushes that could damage the spa shell. Dry it with a cloth before deflating and storing it or cover it if you are not using it.

The invention of Inflatable Spas is one of the good things that happened. It a luxury that is easily affordable.

Once you have one, you can enjoy your spa days at any time throughout the week at no extra cost. The comfort of having this activity within the house is very convenient.

Inflatable Hot Tub/SPA Maintenance A Beginner’s Guide

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